A Beginner's Guide to Personalization: The Differentiating Factor in Grocery eCommerce

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Today’s shoppers want to be treated as an audience of one.
These tech-savvy consumers have come to expect—and even demand—this level of personalization, with many considering it the new norm. And, as businesses in other verticals have begun to master the art of web personalization, the expectations of consumers have only intensified. In this eBook, we explore the role of personalization in today’s retailers’ multi-channel eCommerce strategies, and outline exactly how you can incorporate it into your brand’s marketing mix. 
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  • The benefits of eCommerce personalization 
  • The difference between personalization and segmentation
  • How personalization algorithms work
  • Common barriers to eCommerce personalization
  • Types of shopper data
  • Personalization tactics you can incorporate into your eCommerce experience. 

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