Grocery Retail Technology Playbook

Grocery Retail Technology

How to Reclaim your Grocery eCommerce Margin

With online grocery sales increasing daily, some grocers are meeting shopper demand through eCommerce outsourcing to delivery-provider marketplaces. But while this solution is quick to market, it comes at a cost to your business: a loss of up to 14% margin per order. 

Reclaim your grocery retail margin today by following this 7 step guide to expanding beyond the delivery-provider marketplace.

In this Guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Protect margin

  • Mitigate reputational risk

  • Avoid vendor lock-in


Are you looking to audit your eCommerce on the delivery-provider marketplace?

Use this Checklist of 10 questions you should be asking.

Outsourcing your eCommerce Infographic

Check out key insights in this Infographic about online grocery sales, delivery and pickup using a Delivery-provider Marketplace.


Mercatus is committed to helping grocery retailers to operate and control their own eCommerce experience, with a highly profitable customer-centric growth strategy. Empowering grocers to adapt to today’s changing consumer demands with an end-to-end enterprise-grade SaaS platform.



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