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Back in Charge - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Grocery Retail Technology FAQ

If you have outsourced your eCommerce to a third-party delivery provider, the first step to getting back in charge and reclaiming your online grocery experience is to figure out where you stand currently in that relationship.

Asking these 15 Questions will inform your next steps in your grocery eCommerce strategy:

1. Do I know what purchase behavior data is collected by the delivery-provider marketplace? (including login information, purchase history, profile data, email address and delivery address.)

2. How does my delivery-provider collect and store my customer’s data? 

3. What access do I have to my shopper data? Do I get full access to this data on a regular basis?

4. Do I get standardized reports only? Or will you run tailored reports at my request? 

5. Will you provide a full history of transaction logs and a copy of my shopper database?

6. Will you return all my shopper data when our partnership concludes? 

7. Are you sharing my shopper data with anyone else and monetizing it any way that I’m not aware of?

8.  What’s my contribution margin after all fees are paid to the delivery-provider marketplace?

9.  What percentage of my vendor dollars are moving away to the delivery-provider marketplace?

10. How much is the delivery-provider making from selling vendor advertising targeting my customers on the marketplace? Is any of this advertising money being returned to me?

11. How are you actively working to differentiate my brand and shopping experience on the marketplace? What can I do to build loyalty to my retail brand when shoppers experience my offer through a third-party? 

12. Whose brand takes precedence when shoppers search for my retail banner on Google? How can I direct shoppers to my online store if the marketplace dominates local search engine rankings?

13. How does your marketplace enable me to grow my private label brand when you’re profiting from selling ad space to CPGs?

14. What is the substitution rate on marketplace orders and are my private label products being swapped out for national brands at a higher rate?

15. Should I wish to transition away from the marketplace, what will you do to ensure my brand and shopper loyalty aren’t affected? Will you redirect shoppers to my new site?




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