Grocery eCommerce Checklist


10 questions to ask your Delivery-Provider Marketplace

The answers to these 10 questions will provide key information to help you develop the right eCommerce strategy for your business.

The first step to getting back in charge is knowing where you stand right now. If you’re working with a delivery-provider marketplace or about to enter a relationship with one, these questions will help inform your strategy. Check your answers to these key questions.

The answers will help inform your eCommerce strategy.

1. What insights can you provide me to improve my shoppers’ experience, offerings and services, based on what you know about purchase behavior across all retailers you serve?

2. How is data collected from my shoppers being used—to improve the shopper experience for my brand, or that of the marketplace?

3. What access do I have to my shopper data? Do you provide standardized reports only? Or will you run tailored reports at my request? Will you provide a full history of transaction logs and a copy of shopper database, if and when I need it?

4. Do I own all my shopper data? (Including login information, purchase history, profile data, email address and delivery address.)

5. What percent of my margin goes to the marketplace, versus my bottom line?

6. What percent of your revenue comes from CPG ads on my eCommerce experience, targeted at my customers?

7. How are you actively working to differentiate my brand and shopping experience on the marketplace?

8. Whose brand takes precedence when shoppers search for my retail banner online?

9. How does your marketplace empower my private label brand to grow, amidst demands for ad space you sell to CPGs?

10. If I migrate away from the marketplace, what will you do to ensure my brand and shopper loyalty aren’t affected? Will you redirect shoppers to my new site?

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